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An ambitious, goal-oriented individual. A supportive coach, a respected boss and a caring mother.

My Mission

My Mission Statement

I have been based in Cyprus for almost 6 years now. Have done lots here and currently working on promoting the Russian language, Russian culture and the Russian way of thinking within my project Russian Intellectual Academy in Limassol. That’s number one.

Number two is our family charity initiative Silk Rider with its main goal being fundraising for UNICEF and promoting adventure touring in Cyprus and beyond.

Number three – I’m launching my career as a lifestyle & business coach.

In my spare time I like to rule the world and make it a better place to live. Stay tuned!

My Motivation

My Motivation

I have always been a curious, ambitious and motivated girl. At the age of 19 I went on my first independent trip to another part of the world, at the age of 24 I graduated as a Master of Science in Business with the amount of credits equal to a Doctor’s Degree, at the age of 26 I opened my first business in Cyprus.

At the age of 30 here I am: a wife, a mom of 2 boys, a lady-biker, a starting lifestyle&business coach and a CEO of a school with 50 children. Am I happy? Indeed!

What motivates me every day? My family, my team, travelling and endless passion for self-development.

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Russian Gymnasium Limassol (offline and online)
ABS Reise
Broadway Export Corp.
Eagle Travel

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Anna shares her views on various professional subjects. This section is in 3 languages.

О коучинге по-барановски и без формализмов

Коучинг – партнерское взаимодействие с целью раскрытия потенциала клиента (коучИ). На этом закончим с официозом, согласны? 🙂 Привет, я Аня, магистр международного бизнеса, увлеченная путешественница, дважды мама и в прошлом …

Русский язык и его сохранение в эмиграции

Всем доброго времени суток! В этой статье я решила собрать для вас основные мысли, которые остались у меня после вебинара с доктором психологии, бизнес-консультантом, основателем международных образовательных центров для детей …