L.I.F.T. – professional association for Women in Cyprus

Hi, there! I’m here today to share some good news with you – I finally joined a professional association for women in Cyprus named L.I.F.T. (Ladies in Finance Today) and now I’m going to convince you to do the same 😄

L.I.F.T. is a professional association, providing women in Cyprus with invaluable opportunities for networking, opinion exchange and sharing of skills and knowledge with others. We are all women: working in a competitive environment, trying to maintain a ‘wife & mother’ balance, trying to do sports, travel and enjoy our lives simultaneously with growing our professional personas. Each and every one of us knows, how much it takes.

L.I.F.T. started as an association for women in finance only, but now it expanded to Business owners (such as myself) and to professionals in various fields: HR, Marketing, Sales. The main requirement is your passion for self-development, professional growth and networking.

Our mission is to connect professional women in Cyprus on our platform and grant them access to information and tools they need to succeed.

Click here to join us today.

What do we do in L.I.F.T. on a regular basis?

  • We gather for seminars and workshops. You can see the recent events we have had here.
  • We provide our members with invaluable networking opportunities. They connect with their peers, meet potential mentors from outside the industry and simply acquire a platform to exchange knowledge, experiences and seek support from.
  • We gather for social, informal events for a coffee or an after-work drink to discuss the latest trends in business development, HR and marketing. Our association makes every effort to connect members from other cities, always keeping in mind their busy schedules.

Do not postpone your professional future and join us now.

We are active online, follow us to stay tuned on the coming events:

L.I.F.T. association website

Our Facebook group

Our LinkedIn group

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