Press release on Global Wellness Day 2017 in Limassol

One day can change your life…

We all need an inspirational start to live a healthier and happier life. A man can create a lot of positive impact on lives of thousands, when he is healthy and happy. The world keeps creating new challenges for us. However, one day in the year could be all you need to change your life. This day can be the start of something beautiful. This start is called Global Wellness Day”.

Global Wellness Day is a celebration that is observed around the world. It is a massive health day, effectively. Global Wellness Day is a journey of self-awareness, where you will discover that you can change each day of your life. It is an international, non-profitable event, created by volunteers. The health day includes physical exercise, clean eating and mental exercise and is a social movement that aims to raise awareness on improving quality of life across the world. Global Wellness Day is celebrated in 100 countries across the world simultaneously. This event is a reminder that anybody can live a better life and they can start doing so immediately.

Global Wellness Day is not a fitness competition, it is a unique philosophy that is based on rules, which can help anybody feel better, live positively and in harmony with themselves and others around. These rules form the Global Wellness Day manifesto, which tells us to:

  • walk for 1 hour per day,
  • drink more water,
  • avoid using plastic containers,
  • eat healthy,
  • do a good deed,
  • go to sleep by 10 PM
  • have dinner with the family.

This was the second year that Cyprus joins Global Wellness Day celebrations. This year the event took place on 10 June and was massively more influential than it was in 2016. All gyms, spas and health centres of Limassol took part in the celebration, which occurred under the patronage of Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Ministry of Health of the Republic, local authorities and the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Anastasiades.

Participants could attend a strength intense class from the very morning, conducted at the Limassol Marina Beach Bar by Sanctum Spa and Fitness, called Glutes & Abs. Furthermore, anybody could join yoga sessions in St. Raphael Resort on the day. And lastly, the Old Port of Limassol square was a witness to the grand finale event, which included participation from instructors of various fitness clubs in Limassol.

The program included classes by Les Mills, specifically: Bodycombat, Cardio Grit, Zumba. Guests could also enjoy the fiery and inspiring performances from the dancers and acrobats of the OShow. Zita yogurts and KEO provided snacks and hydration that were equally healthy and necessary for all that took part in the fitness classes outside. Guests could talk to physiotherapists, test their balancing skills and more. The most important factor is that because of the generous sponsors, the entire event was 100% free. This is a large factor that contributed to the 2,000 people strong crowd in attendance at the Limassol Old Port on June 10th.

Sponsors of the event included: XM, Gan Direct, CA Real Estate, Limassol Old Port Authority, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, St. Raphael Resort, Les Mills, Famous Sports, Training for Lives, Spinach Communications, 20/20 Fitness, Storybox и EventPro.

We can’t wait to see the continuation of Global Wellness Day in Cyprus and across the world. Do not miss the date for the 2018 celebration. After all, this could be the day that changes your whole life!


Press-release prepared by my dear Bella Sovmiz – event co-organizer

Photos by Ludmila Kyriakou

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