Informal meeting of L.I.F.T. June 30th – what you might have missed

Hi, everyone! How is your hot Cyprus summer going so far? 🔥 My brain just melted. For real. But today I wanted to talk to you about something else, specifically ‘Informal meeting’ of L.I.F.T. association June 30th. Did you miss it? Well, here you go, a small press-release in case you want to join us next time! 👇🏻

Our event June 30th in ‘Do wine & dine’ restaurant was one of the most popular so far. We have had over 20 attendees, most of whom are new to the association and are all proactive female professionals. A pleasant surprise was an international female entrepreneur from Israel who happened to be in Limassol for the day and joined us.

A fruitful discussion was lead by Donna Stephenson (co-founder of two international companies that deal directly with the financial industry) and Natasa Pilides (the Director General of Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency).

These influential ladies shared their thoughts on a number of key points, revolving around the methods that a woman professional can be successful in the world of finance. The ladies shared their view of where we stand currently, how they had to showcase and harness their talents to reach such success and what they see as main development points in the future. The attendees engaged in a lively discussion, bringing in their personal experiences, posing questions and engaging in debate around the concept.

A short networking session followed, where participants could further bond over some drinks and make plans for the future of the association. Attendees discussed synergies for future collaboration with other organisation, potential future events and their format and ways to grow awareness for L.I.F.T.

The board is now planning future events. We kindly remind you, that we are always happy to welcome newcomers.

L.I.F.T. would like to thank our brilliant speakers Donna & Natalia once again, as well as the proactive members of the organisation for the format of this event and their invaluable help in designing and bringing it to life: Christia Evagorou, Christina Economou, Anna Baranovskaya, Elena Makrides, Anastasia Mina, Marina Hadjitsangari, Helen Zenios & Bella Sovmiz.


Do not postpone your professional future and join us now.

We are active online, follow us to stay tuned on the coming events:

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